„The Americans Have Failed“

(Junge Welt, November 17, 2008)
An Interview with Nawaf al-Moussawi
by Karin Leukefeld

With Barack Obama, the US could improve its position in the Middle East. Lebanon’s Hezbollah believes that an attack on Iran is unlikely.

Nawaf al-Moussawi is Deputy Secretary and a member of the Politburo of Hezbollah in Lebanon. Al-Moussawi, a Doctor of Philosophy, is Hezbollah’s spokesman for international relations.

Mr. al-Moussawi, does the election of Barack Obama as the 44th US president mean that the United States will change its policy in the Middle East?
The US policy in the Middle East will not change just because there is a new administration, but because the aggressive policy of President George W. Bush has failed in Iraq and Lebanon and has yielded no results. Weiterlesen

“What else can we do?”

(Junge Welt, March 10, 2003)
Impressions of a city with a sentence of war hanging over it
A letter from Baghdad

By Karin Leukefeld

“You are like a beacon for me,” an Iraqi colleague said to me in the press center in Baghdad a few weeks ago, “as long as you are still here, there will not be war.” My stay in Baghdad, long compared to that of most Western journalists, was enough reason for this man to see something special in it. Weiterlesen